Where do you live? I live in Upstate New York. I have all of my life, although I would love to move down south!

When is your birthday? My birthday is May 20th.

What did you used to do for a living? I used to work as a Certified Surgical Technologist. It's one of the things I miss most - I absolutely love working in the operating room, helping people, and all of the things about human anatomy!

What pets do you have? I have three dogs - Trixie, a 10 year old Jack Russell, Zoe, an 8 year old Pug/Miniature Pinscher mix, and Hendrix, a 5 year old Jack Russell. Trixie and Hendrix are both rescue dogs.

What camera do you use? I use an iPhone 6s Plus for most photography and for my water photography I use a FujiFilm underwater camera.

What have you been diagnosed with? I have been officially diagnosed with TMJ, regular and basilar migraines, Lupus anticoagulant blood disorder, severe Fibromyalgia, ASD/PFO, Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts, Interstitial Cystitis, Generalized Anxiety, IBD, Depression, and Psoriasis. 

What medicine(s) do you take? I currently am taking Elmiron, Hydroxyzine, Aspirin, Gabapentin, Metoprolol, OTC Claritin, Vitamin D3 5,000 IU, Amitriptyline, Verapamil, Topiramate, Trospium Chloride, Maxalt, Acetaminophen with Diphenhydramine, a topical steroid cream, and the DepoProvera shot.

What other therapies do you use for your illnesses? I use ThermaCare heat wraps, Lidocaine patches, Prelief, Pyridium, at home physical therapy exercises, daily baths, heating pads.

What activities can you do? I have a FitBit and do my best to get my steps in but realize that's not always a reality. I have a sit-down (recumbent) bicycling machine and usually use that for my exercise because it's low tension on my bladder. I also walk or hike when the weather is nice (hiking is my favorite!), use a jump rope if I'm feeling adventurous, use low hand weights, body weight exercises on a yoga mat, stretching, and resistance bands if I can.

What foods can't you eat? I have discovered a very strong chocolate sensitivity so I can't eat that at all, I also am not gluten-free but avoid meals with lots of gluten as they irritate my IBD. I stick to 16 oz of caffeine per day, whether it be soda or coffee, and loosely adhere to the IC diet - I'm lucky enough that I can stray from it here and there without too much reaction. However, I still have strong reactions to basic "anti-IC" foods, like tomatoes, raspberries, lemon, lime, alcohol, red pepper, spicy foods, etc. and avoid those at ALL costs!!

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