Wednesday, June 25, 2014

social bliss the style box june 2014 review

i have been anxiously awaiting my social bliss style box this month since it is always one of my favorites, and as usual, i was not disappointed!  i am always very happy with the combination of unknown & popular brands they include and the wide variety of products that are in the box each month.  it is the most expensive box that i subscribe to but i definitely think that i get my money's worth each month and the products that are included always feel like they are a step above any other box, in my opinion.  they seem more luxurious and classy, which has a lot to do with the value of the items included (especially that one is always a high-ticket, featured item) and the packaging and presentation.  it always makes me smile and feel like i'm pampering myself, which is a nice little treat.  :)

what is the social bliss style box?  it's a monthly subscription box that includes up-and-coming fashion and lifestyle products (usually 4-6 per box) with a minimum value of $100, all for just $39.95, plus shipping (my shipping is $7.00).  each box spotlights one main item that is the highest priced item of the box by a trendy new designer, including a card about their products and their design process.  in the past, this item has been a handbag, a wallet, and a coin purse.  if you are interested in signing up, you can check out the style box here.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

ipsy june 2014 box review

hi everyone!  today i have the june ipsy box to review for you.  i'm pretty sure this is my favorite ipsy bag to date -- it's so summery and i love every item in it!

ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box that includes 4-5 deluxe or full size beauty samples in a new makeup bag every month.  selections are based on a beauty quiz you take and can update at any time, so the bag is customizable.  the price is $10 per month plus tax with free shipping and they do ship to canada for an additional $4.95.  you can also earn ipsypoints every month by reviewing the products you received via a short survey on the website, and redeem the points for products.   there are also coupons included each month and discounts available through the website.

in my opinion, ipsy is one of the best beauty subscriptions out there for it's value and what samples you receive.  almost all the samples all full-sized, they have a good mixture of products every month from both popular and lesser known brands and also types of products, their customer service is excellent, and for only about $12 (including tax) you get a new bag and five new products.  if you're interested in signing up, check it out here!  now onto this month's bag!

Friday, June 13, 2014

fashion friday - maxi skirts

today's fashion friday is on a very versatile piece that gets a lot of use in my wardrobe: the maxi skirt!

like a lot of chronic illness sufferers, i have trouble controlling my body temperature.  i get very hot pretty quickly and it takes a lot to get me cooled down.  this makes summer dressing kind of tricky, since i like to dress nicely and not be mistaken for someone standing on a street corner, if you get my drift.  i draw the line at about a 2 to 2 1/2" inseam on my shorts, and while i mostly wear tank tops, i make sure they aren't overexposed in the front and cover me well in the back if i have to bend over.

while this is all well and good for modesty's sake, it's not always very helpful when i am extremely hot, my face is flushed, i'm feeling the oh-so-pleasant boob and middle-back sweat dripping down underneath said tank top, and there is no refuge in sight.  the last thing i want to be doing is having tight clothing against me, or jean shorts that rub against my legs and create friction that makes me feel even sweatier, especially when you have to use a bathroom that doesn't have air conditioning.  there is nothing that makes me feel more gross and sweaty on a hot day than using a hot bathroom and having to wiggle into, button, and zip up my jean shorts, and go waddling back out into the heat, all sweaty and uncomfortable.  bleechhh.

this is where the maxi skirt comes in!  while it seems like it's a lot more fabric to cover you and therefore counterintuitive, it couldn't be farther from the truth.  most maxi skirts are made from a breathable cotton or a lightweight chiffon material (my personal favorite) that allows it to move with you, and allows for plenty of delightful breezes to cool you down.  whenever i wear my maxi skirts, it almost feels like i don't even have any bottoms on, or like i'm wearing pajamas, because they are just that comfortable!  here are some style tips to remember about maxi skirts!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a weekend on the water.

this past weekend, i was finally feeling good after being cooped up in the house all week with the aftermath of my terrible eye test!  as you all have probably figured out by now, i love being outdoors, so having to spend the week inside with all the windows covered and my sunglasses on to block out any light was torture.  all i wanted to do was frolic in the beautiful sunshine, so that's exactly what i did all weekend long!  :)

a health update.

hey everyone.  i have really been struggling with my health for the past few weeks, which is why i haven't been posting very much and commenting on blogs, or been active much online at all.  unfortunately it has been mostly centered around my migraine headaches/problems that i have been having with my eyes, which tends to get worse with using electronics a lot!  a lot of times when i am sick, i just relax on the couch and watch movies or tv, or play games on my phone.  when i am having pain in my eyes (as a lot of you are familiar with), that's the last thing you want to do or even can do, because it makes it a lot worse.  so that's why i haven't been around much.

i have never had "typical" migraine headaches, where you just get bad pain and take some aspirin or whatever and they go away.  ever since i was a teenager, my version of a migraine was where my entire left side of my body went tingly and then numb (leg, arm, face, tongue, etc.), i couldn't see out of my left eye at all, couldn't speak properly, could not think of correct words, vomited excessively -- basically like a stroke.  nothing helped them except for large amounts of sleep, around 12-18 hours, and even after i woke up, i would be in a confused fog for a day or two with severe head and eye pain before i was back to normal.  i didn't know that these wasn't a regular migraine until i started surgical tech school and found out that a "normal" migraine was more of what i considered a regular headache.  at that point, i was only getting them about once every 1-2 years, so i didn't bother going to a doctor because they weren't regularly occurring.

starting about a year ago, i began getting them again.  at first, it was just one, but it was the old kind, where it was stroke-like with all the same symptoms.  i had another one a month later, and then again three weeks later.  i started seeing a neurologist who put me on topamax, but it hasn't been doing much good.  over the course of about six months, i have been increased to taking 75mg both at night and in the morning, and i have a prescription for imitrex to take when i feel a headache coming on, but the imitrex hasn't helped at all, no matter what combination i take it (one now, then another two hours later, two now, then one later, two now then two later, etc).

beginning in march, i started getting just visual auras without a headache.  these are frequently referred to as ocular migraines, and since i have these other migraines (basilar migraines), i am more prone to ocular migraines as well.  my neurologist figured that is what they were, and because i wasn't experiencing pain with them, that was my diagnosis.  at first, they were just pops of color/light and occasionally some flashing lights, with a shimmering cloud.  i had a brain MRI, which came back clean with no brain lesions (which is somewhat unusual for someone who has had the severity of migraines i have from a young age, but i'm not complaining!).

however, in the past 2-3 months, my visual symptoms have increased to a very bothersome level.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

wantable accessories june 2014 box review

hi everyone!  i apologize for not posting in a long time.  i have been having a lot of trouble with my health, especially with my heart and my migraines.  i will be posting more about it tomorrow and what i've been up to for the last two weeks, but i wanted to get a quick post up tonight to let you all know that i'm still here!  :)

i have been getting kind of inundated with my makeup boxes lately and realized that i have enough makeup for now (yeah, yeah, i know -- my boyfriend was so shocked he made me repeat it twice! haha).  i mostly stick to my 'holy grail' products and try a few new ones every now and again, and i certainly do try out the ones i get in my boxes, but i always find myself going back to my tried&trues over and over.  so i figured, why keep getting boxes that are full of products i won't get a lot of use from?  with that in mind, i have decided to branch out to other boxes.

this month, i signed up for the wantable accessories box.  i am a sucker for accessories, because i really think they are what make the outfit.  i am always on the hunt for anything that 'completes' an outfit -- whether it be just the right scarf, perfect color shoes, a statement necklace, etc.  i have often been known to buy a shirt i love and not wear it until i have gathered the right accessories that match it just so!  i rarely leave the house without matching and without a full outfit on (even if it's just a t-shirt and jeans, i still have matching shoes, accessories, lip color, and purse), so when i go out in sweatpants, you know i'm really sick.

after reading the wonderful reviews about this box, i was so excited to give it a try and i was not disappointed at all!  upon signing up, you take a very detailed style quiz to determine your style preferences and your love, like, and dislike lists.  you will never be sent anything on your dislike lists, so choose carefully.  you will be sent mostly things on your love list, but also things on your like list now and again.  my taste is pretty wide, so the quiz was easy for me, but i love that it's so personalized!  you can always update your style profile, so if you feel like you are getting too much of one thing or are looking for one specific item, it's very easy to change so you only get that. now, onto the review!

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