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boxycharm may 2014

i didn't review last month's boxycharm subscription box because it came during the time when my laptop died, and by the time i got my laptop back, it had been a few weeks and the appropriate posting period had passed, or so it seemed.  but let's just say i wasn't impressed.  it was my first boxycharm box and i had high hopes because it seemed like it was a good box to get, but i just wasn't too fond of it.  it had a lip liner that was just okay, a lip gloss that was meh, a nail polish that was a color i will never wear and was already starting to separate by the time i got my box, and overall i was just not pleased.  everyone seems to rave about their boxycharm, so i was pretty disappointed about what i had gotten, but i figured it wouldn't be fair to base my opinion on just one month because all boxes seem to have an off month.

so i decided that this month would be my deciding factor whether i cancelled my subscription or not. now i'm torn i loved my box this month!  it was full of wonderful products, and i have already used and enjoyed all of them.  i am hoping they keep this trend up, because if this is how most boxes are, i definitely understand why people rave about this subscription box.

what is boxycharm? a monthly beauty subscription box for $21 (including shipping) that includes full-size and luxury size beauty items from trendy and popular brands around the world with a retail value of at least $50.  unfortunately it only ships within the US right now.  to learn more, check out boxycharm here.

may's theme was pampering mothers for mothers day, so it included items that would show their love for mothers.  i am only a doggie mom, but i certainly appreciated all of the items!

they also changed their packaging starting this month, which i really like.  their older packing was a black shiny box with a pink bow tied around it, and it just seemed kind of stuffy and prissy, not very modern.  their new packing is a white cardboard box, with this logo on the flap that you open first (what a cute greeting!), and i love how everything is packed in now.  they kept the black crinkle paper that is in with the items, and the inside of the box is pink now, so their signature colors are still there, but in a different way that just seems more modern and fresh.  i really like it.

lauren b. beauty nail polish remover pads - full size - retail value $15

these non-acetone nail polish remover pads contain aloe and are supposed to be ultra-gentle to remove your polish without being irritating to leave your skin smooth and nourished.  i am always wary of nail polish removers because most don't work too well if they don't contain acetone, and i rarely find ones that hold up to my old standbys (la fresh nail polish wipes).  but these pads smell like a candy store without any chemical smell at all, and just one pad removed all the polish residue from both of my hands (which equaled about four full nails' worth of polish if I added it all together).  they really did leave the skin around my nails softer and were really easy to use.  since the price is comparable to the wipes i use now, i will definitely be looking into buying these when i am out of all of my wipes.  love these.

mirabella pretty & provocative lip color in fever - full size - retail value $22

man, do i love a good lip color.  whether it's lipstick, a lip crayon, lip liner, anything with a strong color, and i love it!  i had never heard of this brand before, but i was pleasantly surprised.  the packaging is cute and sleek, and the lipstick applies like a dream.  it's very very creamy and moisturizing, which is great because i have dry lips all year round, no matter how much lip balm i apply.  despite the color in the tube, the lipstick does lean towards a more pinky red than a true red, and the color swatch is a pretty accurate result.  either way, it's a gorgeous color.  i'm not sure i would pay $22 for a lipstick this color when i think there are comparable brands at lower prices with similar formulas, but since i got it in this box, i will gladly make full use of it (and already have used it a few times)!

ferro cosmetics pink fabuki brush - full size - retail value $20

this adorable little guy is my first ever kabuki brush (i know, right?!) and he is being put to very good use with a few bright pink blushes i have gotten recently in some of my subscription boxes.  i like that it has a short handle so that i have more control over it.  another item that i am very glad to have gotten in this box and have already been putting to good use!

embelleze novex olive oil & argan oil deep hair creams - sample sizes

i was quite confused by these packets when i first got them out of my box, because they are written entirely.  no hablo espanol.  okay, hablo un poco espanol.  but not enough to read the entire packet.  i thought at first they were vitamins, but the packet was squishy, and then i read 'creme de condicionante' and.. ahhhh, hair conditioner!  lightbulb moment, folks.  i haven't tried these yet because i just got my hair freshly highlighted and am always a little nervous to put stuff on my hair that isn't for color treated people, because i have had bad experiences in the past.  plus, i have to be careful with a lot of oil on my hair because although my scalp is dry, it can quickly turn into a penzoil/nascar type disaster situation with just an extra capful, if you know what i mean.  so maybe i will save these for some other time.

illume lavish hand creme - full size - retail value $20

so this stuff is pretty much amazing.  first of all, i am a sucker for pretty packaging.  the box is made of that recycled paper that feels so soft and rough at the same time, that feels luxurious in your hand.  i have such a soft spot for color and black and white combos, and for different print combos, so when i picked this out of the box, i kind of drooled like a rabid animal (don't judge).  i saved this box just so i can stare at it longingly because it's just so damn gorgeous!  

anyway.  as i flipped the box over to read the description, i thought of my BFF joey tribbiani.  red tulips... good.  white tea rose... good.  lilies... gooooooood.  what's not to like?!  needless to say, i was pretty pumped to open it up and try it out.  i was not disappointed at all!  it smells like a garden erupted in your house, and it's the kind of thing that you just keep sniffing, and sniffing, and sniffing.. until logic tells you you're probably starting to look creepy and you should put the cap back on and stop.  the formula itself is rich and creamy without being greasy, it feels great on your skin, and it soaks in pretty quickly so you're not left to sit and wait around before you can do anything.  it's definitely my favorite item in the box.

overall, i think this is an excellent boxycharm this month.  i paid $21 for the box and received $77 worth of product, plus the hair conditioner samples.  all of the items were full size and of great quality, and they are getting great use already.  i am excited to see what next month brings me in my boxycharm box, and i hope that it is as good as this months.  if you want to sign up for your own boxycharm subscription, you can do so here.

what did you think about your box?  especially if you are a mother, did you feel pampered with your items for mothers day?  let me know what you thought in the comments below!  i would love to hear from you.  :)

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  1. Ooo, I really like this box! I'm glad you had more luck with this box! :D


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