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wantable accessories june 2014 box review

hi everyone!  i apologize for not posting in a long time.  i have been having a lot of trouble with my health, especially with my heart and my migraines.  i will be posting more about it tomorrow and what i've been up to for the last two weeks, but i wanted to get a quick post up tonight to let you all know that i'm still here!  :)

i have been getting kind of inundated with my makeup boxes lately and realized that i have enough makeup for now (yeah, yeah, i know -- my boyfriend was so shocked he made me repeat it twice! haha).  i mostly stick to my 'holy grail' products and try a few new ones every now and again, and i certainly do try out the ones i get in my boxes, but i always find myself going back to my tried&trues over and over.  so i figured, why keep getting boxes that are full of products i won't get a lot of use from?  with that in mind, i have decided to branch out to other boxes.

this month, i signed up for the wantable accessories box.  i am a sucker for accessories, because i really think they are what make the outfit.  i am always on the hunt for anything that 'completes' an outfit -- whether it be just the right scarf, perfect color shoes, a statement necklace, etc.  i have often been known to buy a shirt i love and not wear it until i have gathered the right accessories that match it just so!  i rarely leave the house without matching and without a full outfit on (even if it's just a t-shirt and jeans, i still have matching shoes, accessories, lip color, and purse), so when i go out in sweatpants, you know i'm really sick.

after reading the wonderful reviews about this box, i was so excited to give it a try and i was not disappointed at all!  upon signing up, you take a very detailed style quiz to determine your style preferences and your love, like, and dislike lists.  you will never be sent anything on your dislike lists, so choose carefully.  you will be sent mostly things on your love list, but also things on your like list now and again.  my taste is pretty wide, so the quiz was easy for me, but i love that it's so personalized!  you can always update your style profile, so if you feel like you are getting too much of one thing or are looking for one specific item, it's very easy to change so you only get that. now, onto the review!

wantable accessories box
-  $36 per month for a subscription; $40 for a one-time box
-  3-4 accessories per box
-  completely personalized via a style quiz
-  if you don't like your box, you can ship it back for a full refund, no questions asked
-  free shipping for US; $6 for canada; $7 for UK; $10 for australia
-  if you're interested in signing up, check it out here!

the paper included in my box showed my list of loves/likes/dislikes, which is this:

it also included a blurb about june's picks for the jewelry, and a brief summary about the pieces i received.  the bit about june said: "As we head into summer, Wantable HQ is buzzing with excitement for our favorite festivals, casual barbecues, weekend trips to local farmer's markets, and lazy days at the beach. Whether you're a beautiful boho babe or a rebellious rocker, we'll handpick the perfect box of summer accessories to style all of your favorite outfits. Some trends we're highlighting this month include chic, leatherette bracelets in gorgeous colors and textures. Turquoise is always a staple summer color, so you'll see plenty represented in our June pieces. We love the richness of the color when paired with distressed denim or a beautiful white sun dress like our gorgeous model is wearing this month! Our featured expert, blogger Zeba is loving our June trends too! Light printed scarves to pair with white shirts and distressed jeans, colorful watches, and delicate gold layered necklaces are some of the many accessory trends Zeba loves from our June Box. She agrees with our love for turquoise and calls it a "perennial classic.""  after reading about my pieces, i couldn't wait to open the pouch and see what they were!

all three of my pieces were included in this great velvet drawstring pouch.  even though it's simple, it adds such a luxurious touch for them to be packaged in this velvet pouch instead of just a cellophane wrapper or bubble wrap.  it made me feel extra special unwrapping them.

catelyn necklace - retail value $28 - "the catelyn necklace features multi toned chains linked together for a beautiful piece."

first out was this great necklace!  i love longer necklaces, so i was really happy to see that it was longer.  i was also stoked to see that it was gold and silver, because i hardly ever wear gold so when i saw that peeking out, i got kind of nervous.  i think the combination together is so unique!  this necklace is chunky and a bit heavy, but not too heavy at all.  i love the funky appeal of it -- it is without a doubt something that i would pick for myself at the store.  it will go perfectly with jeans and a tee, but also with something dressier, too. a wonderful pick!

imogen earrings - retail value $16 - "the imogen earrings are geometric studs featuring textured gunmetal pyramids surrounded by shining gold tone."

the next thing were these awesome earrings!!  i was sooo excited for these because i totally have a weakness for anything with spikes on them, haha.  sometimes i like to pretend to be a rocker chick even though i'm not :D  i just always gravitate towards pieces that have spike details on them because i like the way they look, especially if they are girlier pieces.  i like the juxtaposition of the two together.  again, i would have definitely grabbed these up right away if i had seen them in a store, and i LOVE them.  they have intricate etching on them too, which is a really unique detail.  they aren't heavy at all, and will be very versatile in my wardrobe.  although one thing i didn't see is the "gold tone" that they list in the description... maybe it's a misprint, or maybe the gunmetal overtakes it so that it's not noticeable?  either way, i am in love with these earrings!

megan bracelet - retail value $29 - "this amazing boho bracelet features a leather cord and silver metal distressed stones."

last out was this bracelet.  this was my favorite piece from this month just because of the way the stones look against the leather cord, distressed and cool -- totally my style.  i love how irregularly shaped they are and how they're placed along the bracelet, and i love the simple button closure.  i also tried this out as a necklace and it looks great that way, too.  i wrapped the button/loop closure around a stone to make sure it wouldn't come undone, and it was just another interesting way to wear this piece!  i will be wearing this any chance i can.  it wraps around my wrist four times just for reference, with a little bit of an extra loose part on the last wrap, and i have fairly average size wrists.  it's funky yet simple and it adds a little something to every outfit.  i really really love it.

this weekend i was feeling well enough to run some errands finally, so of course i had to wear my new earrings and bracelet out!  (i thought wearing the necklace as well would be a little much, so i passed on that.)  here i am with the outfit i wore, and close ups of the jewelry.  i post a lot of my outfits on my instagram, so if you like that sort of thing, check out the link on the side to follow me!  the earrings were very comfortable to wear, no poking and they didn't make my ear holes hurt (i tend to have super sensitive ears so that's good news) and the bracelet was amazing, just as i had anticipated!  :)

overall, the total value of this box was $73, and i paid $36 for it, because i signed up for a monthly subscription.  i noticed that most people get around $80 of product in their boxes, which is definitely a bargain!  i was SO impressed with this box, i really cannot say enough good things.  i really thought about each question in the style quiz and i think that is why i liked the accessories they sent me so much, because the quiz answers accurately reflected my style.  i have seen others' box results around the web and they got gorgeous pieces too, so it seems like this is a box that is going to be a hit every month.  i also think it's great that if you get a box that you don't like, you can send the whole thing back and get a full refund that month without it disrupting your subscription.. but i have a feeling that will never happen!  i only wish that there was a way to see the other jewelry options for this month and have the ability to purchase them.  i saw a pair of earrings somebody else got that i really love but can't find any way on the website to get a store or something where i could buy them.

either way, i can't wait for next month's box!!  in case you were interested, wantable also makes a makeup box, as well as an intimates box.  i have heard great things about both.  if you want to sign up, you can do so here.  what do you think of the box?  what did you get in your wantable box this month?  let me know down below in the comments, i would love to hear!  :)  i have a few more reviews to do to catch up and a post about my health that are coming up this week, so you'll be hearing from me soon!  :)

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