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social bliss the style box june 2014 review

i have been anxiously awaiting my social bliss style box this month since it is always one of my favorites, and as usual, i was not disappointed!  i am always very happy with the combination of unknown & popular brands they include and the wide variety of products that are in the box each month.  it is the most expensive box that i subscribe to but i definitely think that i get my money's worth each month and the products that are included always feel like they are a step above any other box, in my opinion.  they seem more luxurious and classy, which has a lot to do with the value of the items included (especially that one is always a high-ticket, featured item) and the packaging and presentation.  it always makes me smile and feel like i'm pampering myself, which is a nice little treat.  :)

what is the social bliss style box?  it's a monthly subscription box that includes up-and-coming fashion and lifestyle products (usually 4-6 per box) with a minimum value of $100, all for just $39.95, plus shipping (my shipping is $7.00).  each box spotlights one main item that is the highest priced item of the box by a trendy new designer, including a card about their products and their design process.  in the past, this item has been a handbag, a wallet, and a coin purse.  if you are interested in signing up, you can check out the style box here.

as always, they have the most fantastic packaging.  who doesn't love opening a box that tells you how pretty you are?!  plus, i love their bright tissue paper every month!  it makes me excited to see what is underneath it and adds something special to the box.  presentation is everything!

the theme for this month's box is 'boho chic'.  i'm sure that some people weren't happy about that, but i personally was very happy to see that when i opened the box.  i tend to gravitate towards either rock n roll type jewelry/pieces or boho chic things -- at least according to all of my fashion surveys, anyway! -- so i was pretty sure that i would love all the things in the box, and i was right.  

i think it's great that social bliss includes such a detailed product card every month in their boxes (you can click the picture to read it larger).  it's more of a brochure than a card, really, and it's printed on heavy laminated paper so that it doesn't rip easily or get ruined like some boxes' cards do.  it lists the items, along with a brief description, and also includes a brief "how-to" style trick to help you wear your new item.  it also features a blurb about the designer that is featured and how to use their item (more on that below).  isn't that awesome?!  none of the other boxes i receive have such a detailed card.  it's just another small detail that really makes a difference!

ulta super shiny lipgloss - retail value $8

the first item i pulled out of my box was this super shiny lip gloss from ulta.  i have used lots of ulta products before but somehow never their lipgloss, which is very surprising given my gigantic collection of lip products.  it's a very nice coral-y nude color that goes on fairly sheer, with a lot of shimmer.  it's not very sticky and like the name says, it's very shiny.  this is a great summer color and one that i'm sure will get a lot of use.

essie snakeskin magnetic nail color in lil' boa peep - retail value $12

next up was this new magnetic nail polish from essie.  i own lots of essie nail polish because i think that they have the best range of shades out of any nail polish brand out there.  that said, i do prefer other nail polishes such as orly or zoya for their formula, because essie seems to be hit and miss for me.  sometimes i get a bottle that is very goopy, or one that takes 3-4 coats before it reaches solid coverage.  but they do have colors that nobody else has, so i do find myself going back to them, and i don't mind getting this polish in my box at all!  

i never really got into the magnetic nail polish trend --  i tried it once with a bottle of OPI that was on clearance and it didn't work at all (but i got a really pretty gold shade of polish out of it!).  i am interested to try this and see how it works.  the polish itself is a gorgeous gunmetal shade with hints of silver shimmer.  it's deeper than a dark grey but not black either, and the silver lightens it up just enough so that you could definitely get away with wearing this in the summer.  the directions on the card say to paint a regular base coat of polish on all nails, and when that is dry, to paint one nail at a time with the magnetic polish.  immediately after painting the polish on, hold the magnetic cap over the nail as closely as possible without touching for five seconds... and voila!  there's your magnetic mani.  i am very excited to try this!

in retro-specs sunglasses - retail value $15

am i the only person who starts the summer with six pairs of sunglasses and ends the summer with.. zero?  how is that possible?!  yet every year, it happens.  i have no idea how my apartment becomes a black hole for any and all sunglasses, but it's like little elves come at night and steal my sunglasses to play tricks on me!  that being said, i never mind getting new sunglasses in a box to replace the ones i know that i will inevitably lose.  these are a really cute cat eye shape that it seems will be flattering on most face shapes.  they are also UV-protected, which is very important to me with all of my health problems.  i love the retro feel of them, and it's great that they come with a fabric pouch so that they won't get scratched when i put them in my purse!  this is definitely a great addition to the box -- something simple but very, very useful in the summer.

peruvian warrior ring - retail value $20

i LOVE this ring!!  it is totally something i would have picked out for myself, and am so happy that it was in my box.  it was handcrafted in peru and each ring is made with individually set stones, which is great because that means that even though everyone got the same ring, each one is still different (something that i love!).  i'm not sure what the stones are, but they are a milky white color that is very flattering against the silver of the ring, which is adjustable.  the swirls on the side are a nice detail that  add even more flair to it.  although this ring was included in a summer box and will look awesome with summer outfits, because of the color combination, i can see it being worn all year round as well, because the white and silver will compliment fall and winter colors nicely.  this is my favorite part of the box this month because this is a piece that completely fits in with my style and jewelry i already have, and i can't wait to wear it with all different kinds of outfits.

fated bliss kimono wrap - retail value $50

this kimono wrap is this month's featured item for the june box.  it was designed by fate exclusively for socialbliss, and they picked the color pattern because of the trendy monochromatic colors this season.  although it looks like a scarf, it does have armholes and is able to be worn as a kimono, vest, or scarf, as shown in the picture above.

i think this is a great featured item this month.  the past two months both included purses of some sort, so it was nice to have a change from that (not that i don't love a good purse, but i was ready for something new).  it's an unusual item to get in a box and especially unusual that it can be worn as a kimono!  i have so many scarves, so i am definitely going to try it as the vest/kimono.  i think it will look so cute with a tank top and shorts on a cooler summer night, or even over a solid print dress.  i love the colors because it makes it neutral and able to be combined with many other colors, and the combination of the two patterns is very trendy.  unfortunately, i don't have a picture of me wearing this yet to show you, but as soon as i do, i will post it here.  what a great pick for an item feature this month!

the creme shop - retail value $?

almost every month, social bliss has a promotion to allow you to receive an extra bonus item in your next box.  i missed last month's, but was able to get mine this month (they are usually limited quantity and sell out super fast so you have to be speedy!).  it was this huge bag of sponges from the creme shop.  i have no idea of a retail value because there isn't much up on the creme shop's website, but i am interested to try these.  i am always willing to try new face applicators because although i love my beauty blender, maybe there is something out there that is better for application on some things (*gasp*)!  this was a nice surprise to get.

overall, this was another great style box with an excellent value.  i paid a totally of $47.90 for my box including shipping, and received $105 worth of product, not counting my sponges.  i think this is actually the lowest amount of products i have ever gotten -- usually the value is more around $150-200.  even so, i loved everything i got in my box and can't wait to put it to use.  there's definitely a reason this is one of my favorite boxes every month!  if you would like to sign up for july's box, you can do so here.

what did you think of your style box this month?  were you as happy with what you got as i am?  i would love to hear from you -- please leave any comments or thoughts below!  :)

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  1. I'm really happy that you got such a great box! :) I love sturdy product cards too, and I would totally be excited about the sunglasses and the kimono! I've never tried magnetic nail polish, but I've heard mixed reviews about them and I've also seen gorgeous pictures of when they work. Have you tried the nail polish yet? Speaking on nail polish - I'm really liking the design you had in your picture! Are you still considering having a recap of your manis for June?:)


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