Friday, June 13, 2014

fashion friday - maxi skirts

today's fashion friday is on a very versatile piece that gets a lot of use in my wardrobe: the maxi skirt!

like a lot of chronic illness sufferers, i have trouble controlling my body temperature.  i get very hot pretty quickly and it takes a lot to get me cooled down.  this makes summer dressing kind of tricky, since i like to dress nicely and not be mistaken for someone standing on a street corner, if you get my drift.  i draw the line at about a 2 to 2 1/2" inseam on my shorts, and while i mostly wear tank tops, i make sure they aren't overexposed in the front and cover me well in the back if i have to bend over.

while this is all well and good for modesty's sake, it's not always very helpful when i am extremely hot, my face is flushed, i'm feeling the oh-so-pleasant boob and middle-back sweat dripping down underneath said tank top, and there is no refuge in sight.  the last thing i want to be doing is having tight clothing against me, or jean shorts that rub against my legs and create friction that makes me feel even sweatier, especially when you have to use a bathroom that doesn't have air conditioning.  there is nothing that makes me feel more gross and sweaty on a hot day than using a hot bathroom and having to wiggle into, button, and zip up my jean shorts, and go waddling back out into the heat, all sweaty and uncomfortable.  bleechhh.

this is where the maxi skirt comes in!  while it seems like it's a lot more fabric to cover you and therefore counterintuitive, it couldn't be farther from the truth.  most maxi skirts are made from a breathable cotton or a lightweight chiffon material (my personal favorite) that allows it to move with you, and allows for plenty of delightful breezes to cool you down.  whenever i wear my maxi skirts, it almost feels like i don't even have any bottoms on, or like i'm wearing pajamas, because they are just that comfortable!  here are some style tips to remember about maxi skirts!

-  most styles either come with an elastic waistband, or a fold over waist.  i find the fold over waist most helpful on days when i am feeling the sickest, because they allow my stomach to expand without anything constricting them, and i don't have to worry about any pressure making my belly/bladder feel any worse.

-  the great thing about maxi skirts is that they are flattering no matter what you size you are!  it's all about choosing the right pattern and what top you pair them with.  looser maxi skirts are best paired with a tighter fitting top, or a crop top.  if you wear a loose top with a maxi, you take the risk of losing your shape entirely.  show off your assets, girl!  if you would like to wear a slightly loose top with your skirt, tuck the front of it into your maxi for a trendy look that also defines your shape.

-  i usually pair a solid colored maxi with a printed top, or a printed maxi with a solid top so that there isn't competition by wearing both a printed top and bottom.  or, you could go for both a solid top and bottom and use your accessories to add designs and prints!

-  sandals are easiest to wear with this type of skirt and if you are on the petite side and find the skirt dragging a bit, you can remedy that by wearing a platform or wedge sandal.  as you'll see in the photos below, more daring ladies can also choose to wear converse sneakers, wedge sneakers, or combat boots with theirs.  if you are wearing the skirt to work, a small heel or ballet flats make this an office appropriate look as well.  i say, whatever makes you happy!

-  maxi skirts are also a great way to dress up for a formal event.  there are many skirts that come in more "fancy" fabrics such as silk, taffeta, and high-end chiffon that would be a wonderful match for a wedding or other social event.  to dress it up, match your maxi with a strappy kitten heel sandal (or flats), and add a top that is also of a fancier fabric to avoid a casual look. higher-cut necklines also help to dress up a maxi skirt, as do delicate jewelry (versus costume pieces or statement jewelry) and a sophisticated updo.

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the maxi skirt is such a versatile piece that i really encourage you to pick one up the next time you are out shopping and incorporate it into your wardrobe!  they are great for even just running errands on a hot day when you don't feel good -- it's so much easier than dealing with pants or shorts, trust me.  plus, you just look so much cuter and more put together!  they are easy to transition into fall with a cardigan or sweater and some boots or moccasins, especially in deeper, jewel tones.  did i mention they are just so darn comfortable?!  anyway, i hope you enjoyed my picks for fashion friday, and let me know what you think of this week's theme!  as always, any comments or suggestions are much appreciated.  :)  hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. I totally agree with you about maxi skirts! I actually have a bright purple one (it's featured here: I purchased it on sale from Club Monaco last year, so I've had it for a while, but I've only recently had the courage to wear it outside. I've never worn maxi skirts before, so it's a bit unsual to have it on. It's pretty long on me and I find that I can only wear it with heels (but this isn't a problem at all). It's soo comfortable though and the unique hemline makes it really stylish. :D


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