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ipsy june 2014 box review

hi everyone!  today i have the june ipsy box to review for you.  i'm pretty sure this is my favorite ipsy bag to date -- it's so summery and i love every item in it!

ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box that includes 4-5 deluxe or full size beauty samples in a new makeup bag every month.  selections are based on a beauty quiz you take and can update at any time, so the bag is customizable.  the price is $10 per month plus tax with free shipping and they do ship to canada for an additional $4.95.  you can also earn ipsypoints every month by reviewing the products you received via a short survey on the website, and redeem the points for products.   there are also coupons included each month and discounts available through the website.

in my opinion, ipsy is one of the best beauty subscriptions out there for it's value and what samples you receive.  almost all the samples all full-sized, they have a good mixture of products every month from both popular and lesser known brands and also types of products, their customer service is excellent, and for only about $12 (including tax) you get a new bag and five new products.  if you're interested in signing up, check it out here!  now onto this month's bag!

the theme this month was 'pretty in paradise.'

this is BY FAR my favorite ipsy bag ever!!  i squealed in delight when i pulled it out of the bright, shiny hot pink mailer it comes in (always a good day when you see that sucker tucked under the postman's arm!).  i love rebecca minkoff's designs, and this bag is no exception.  i don't even think i'm going to use it as a cosmetic bag -- i'm going to find some way to use this as a clutch!  i love the print, it's so tropical and fun, and the contrasting bright red zipper is perfect.  i'm in love.

first up was this ofra universal eyebrow pencil.  it says this eyebrow pencil can be used on any skin tone, which i believe, but i don't know how it would be universal for those with lighter eyebrow hair color.  either way, for me it is the perfect color.  it's very smooth and doesn't get chunks of pencil in your eyebrow hairs like some can.  i was just running out of my other pencil, so this came right on time!

next was this eyeliner that i am SO excited about!  i really love brightly colored liquid eyeliner.  when i used to work in the operating room, i would match my eyeliner and eye makeup to the scrub hat i was wearing that day, since you could only see eyes when you have all of your protective gear on for cases.  i used to use all sorts of bright liners and shadows to really make my eyes pop, and this is the same color as one i used to have.  i love how turquoise it is -- it's really going to make my brown eyes stand out!  i will pair this with just a neutral shadow base and lots of lashes, plus some light blush and a coral lip for running some errands or cooking out.  application was really easy, no smudging or tugging.  the skinny tip makes precision application simple if you want to only have a thin line, and it also dispenses enough product so that if you want a thicker line, you don't have to go over it again and again.  i love this liner!

this is the only product that i am not so sure about.  it says it is a styling cream that stops shedding and reduces frizz and breakage.  it is meant to be used before you blow dry or flat iron your hair as a sort of heat protectant cream so that your hair stays frizz-free, doesn't get broken or damaged by the heat tools, and smoothes/strengthens your hair to maintain your style and make your hair healthier with the proteins and oils it contains.   it's not too big of a sample for me to be able to try (i have really thick hair, even though it's pretty short) so i anticipate only getting about 2-3 uses out of this, but i think it will work pretty well.  i never blow dry my hair but i do flat iron it on occasion, so i will see then if it works.  i didn't notice much of a smell with the product, which is good for those of you gals who are bothered by scent.

the next product is one that i certainly didn't mind receiving because it's one i have many of and love: nyx butter gloss.  if you've never tried it and can get it, i really recommend doing so.  they don't have a large selection of shades, but the ones they have are good core colors and are really worth it.  they go on very creamy and smooth, and they aren't sticky at all (something i can't stand in a lip gloss!).  they are very hydrating and last a long time, especially if you layer them over another lip product, like a stain or lipstick.  they shine like a gloss but aren't overly shiny (so you don't look like you just ate two buckets of fried chicken), and they taste & smell like a sugar cookie.  they are awesome!  this shade that i got is called eclair -- a pinky nude that is a wonderful match for any bright summer eye look (like the one i'll be making with my blue eyeliner!).

last up is this perfume sample. i was very surprised to find this in my ipsy bag because i haven't ever gotten a fragrance sample from them before, and honestly, it looks beat-up.  it was in its own separate ziploc bag, but the writing on the bottle is smudged and half-smeared off, and it just looks kind of like a reject sample that was getting thrown away.  however, i think it smells fantastic.  i am pretty picky about my perfume, but i think it smells flowery, summery, and refreshing!  it's girly without being over the top, and it's definitely something that reminds me of being outside.  i'm terrible at describing scents in real fragrance terms, but the website says it's a mix of pomegranate, persimmon, orchids, lotus blossom, champaca flower, violets, and undertones of amber and mahogany wood.  the sample size is .16 oz, with a spray top, which is a nice size to be able to try out compared to those little tiny bottles in the cardboard samplers they sometimes send.  i was definitely pleasantly surprised by this one, and i think i might even buy the full size!

these are the swatches of the eyeliner (one swipe), lipgloss (one swipe), and eyebrow pencil (two swipes).

overall, i think this was another great ipsy bag.  even if the styling cream isn't a hit, i got a full-size eyebrow pencil, a new awesome eyeliner, a full-size lipgloss, and a new great-smelling perfume, plus the awesome rebecca minkoff bag -- all for $12!  i can't wait to create a fun, bright look with my new eyeliner -- i'm thinking maybe a peacock or mermaid eye?  and of course i will be using my eyebrow pencil and lipgloss on a daily basis.  i also think it's great that they include products to make a full look -- eyeliner, eyebrow, lip gloss, hair product, and perfume.  it's nice to have products that work well together (such as a more neutral gloss paired with a bright eye) in a box than just a bunch of random items sometimes.  ipsy never disappoints me with their bags and i don't think i have ever gotten one that i haven't liked!

what do you think about this month's ipsy bag?  what products did you get in yours, and are you as excited about yours as i am?  i would love to hear from you!  please leave any of your thoughts in the comments down below!  :)

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