Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a weekend on the water.

this past weekend, i was finally feeling good after being cooped up in the house all week with the aftermath of my terrible eye test!  as you all have probably figured out by now, i love being outdoors, so having to spend the week inside with all the windows covered and my sunglasses on to block out any light was torture.  all i wanted to do was frolic in the beautiful sunshine, so that's exactly what i did all weekend long!  :)

zoe is always my co-pilot, stuck to my side and always up for an adventure right alongside me.

i love ducks, and i was so excited to see so many on the water this year, including so many babies!

hendrix really loves to roll in stuff and get dirty!

as zoe gets older (she's gonna be six this year), she gets colder a lot more quickly.  i have to bring a sweater and a blanket for her to wrap up in any time we are in or around the water.  i certainly don't mind snuggling with her, and she loves it too, but it reminds me that she is getting old, which makes me very sad :(

this guy is the best little dog!  he is always so happy and excited to go anywhere and do anything.  whatever it is, he is up for it with a smile on his face and a happily wagging tail.

always a ton of beautiful boats.

 i am obsessed with water photography!  it is so expressive in such a simple way, especially black and white photographs.  i love it so much.

this is my favorite shot of the day.  i love the juxtaposition of the motion on the right and the stillness of the left side.

it was a great weekend and just what i needed after a horrible week.  i am hoping that this week will go better.  i had a small migraine yesterday with some pain and bad auras but other than that, i have avoided a lot of it so far.  i am keeping my fingers crossed that this week will be a good one!  :)  i hope you all have a great week, too.


  1. There are some really great photos in this post! That tiny little doggy life jacket is amazing :)

    Faye |

    1. Thank you Faye! The little life jacket doesn't really do much for the Jack Russell since he can swim super fast but my little Pug mix tends to sink in the water and her little legs don't do much for her, lol. So she is definitely glad to have it! Thank you for your compliment :)

  2. I'm slowly catching up on reading all of your latest posts. :) I'm really sorry to hear that you had a terrible week, but I'm glad that you had an amazing weekend to make up for it. Your pictures are gorgeous!


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